Production chain: from the cotton field to the international showcase

The Natural Cotton Color brand works exclusively with fashion products and creates, with organic colored cotton, garments such as women's, men's, children's clothing, footwear and accessories.

The raw material was initially developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa whose research resulted in cotton that already grows colored. The plume does not require any type of chemical dyeing, thus saving 87.5% of the water that would be consumed in a conventional knit or fabric production and finishing process.

With the Algodão Paraíba project, our cotton is planted with a guaranteed purchase contract by small producers in rural settlements and traditional communities (quilombolas) in Paraíba. Cotton is certified as an organic product with international validity and, according to data from Embrapa, Natural Cotton Color pays the farmer the best price per kilo in Brazil.

Even though it is planted in a region with low rainfall (semi-arid), cotton is grown without irrigation.

With a contemporary and surprising design, Natural Cotton Color uses trims and accessories made by artisans from the Northeast region of Brazil, notably from the State of Paraíba. The incorporation of manual labor addresses economic and social concerns, keeps cultural heritage alive and increases added value. The pieces are received in the international market as Sustainable Luxury, that is, they are recognized as products in the Sustainable Luxury category.

The consumer is formed by people interested in Fashion, but who are concerned with social issues and the environment. Natural Cotton Color is committed to these causes, seeking to offer an ethical product to ensure its presence among groups that practice fair trade and that produce or consume products classified as eco-friendly.

The “Colored Cotton of Paraíba”, as it is locally known, is an organic product that encourages family farming and helps to combat the monoculture of products of low commercial value, such as tobacco. Organic cotton cultivation is free from chemical additives and does not harm the environment. Above all, the cultivation of organic cotton protects the health of the worker, the most important link in the entire production chain of which Natural Cotton Color is a part.

Natural Cotton Color is part of the Local Production Arrangement (APL) of Paraíba Colored Cotton ( -em-monteiro) which brings together an association of farmers and artisans, public and private entities, in addition to spinning, weaving and clothing companies.

Natural Cotton Color's Mission:

Produce fashion by practicing ecological and socially just attitudes, for people of good taste, who care about the future of the planet without giving up their elegance.